Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How long does Planning Permission take? Maybe?

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Just a quick indication of how long the design and planning process should take in the UK... However, these durations are general and don't include any addional time for ammendments required by the local authority (should any be needed).

Architectural Design: 4-6 weeks
Architectural design for a typical domestic project normally takes between 4-6 weeks, depending on size and complexity of the scheme.

Planning Permission: 10-14 weeks
Planning approval may take up to 12 weeks (typically) however if the proposal requires several adjustments, modifications and revisions this may be greatly extended. 

Once approved the project is required to be completed within 3 years  - if not then a new application is required. Please also note that if the proposed scheme applies to a property that has Permitted Development Rights then Planning Permission may NOT be required - see previous post for further information.

Important Note: Whilst we are more than happy to submit planning applications on clients behalf at no extra cost, unfortunately, given the volume of applications, status updates to applicants are not available from the practice  without an additional fee. Once the planning application has been submitted the status can be established easily, by the applicant, via the local online planning portal or by contacting the Local Authority directly. However, if any issues arise as regards potential concerns the Planning Department will normally contact the practice in an attempt to alter the scheme to satisfy any objections and/or local planning recommendations.

Building Regulatons: 3-4 weeks
The building control elements of the process are very flexible - allowing the contractor to modify drawing specification (with the agreement of the Building Inspector) for compliance on-site. Please note that separate fees are due for the initial application and on-site inspections. However, it is possible for projects to commence construction almost immeduatley with as little as 48hours notice from the initial application being submitted. 

Building Regulation applications may also be submitted at the time of the planning application - allowing concurrent processing and approval thus reducing the duration prior to starting construction. Again, once approved the project is required to be completed within 3 years - if not then a new application is required.

So in conclusion the entire architectural design and approval process can be quite lengthy - alternativly it may only take as little as 14 weeks... however, my advice would be to start the process as early as possible to enable adiquate architectural design, development, thought and feedback - to ensure design intent and to avoid poor interpretation of clients requirements, wants and needs.

As alway please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information...

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