I’m sure that you’ve heard the rumours about being able to build a domestic extension with a projection of up to 8m… Well, it’s TRUE!!

The revision of the new permitted development right mean that from 30th May 2013 until 30th May 2016 single storey domestic extensions located at the rear of the property may be up to 6m (if the property is terrace or semi-detached) or 8m (if the property is detached).

Unfortunately you just can’t go building anything ‘willy-nilly’ – there are a few restrictions:

1. Development must be drawn-up and architectural details submitted to the Local Authority (no fee other than site location plans)

2. The proposal will be subject to consultation – this means that your neighbours may object to the development.

The process, from the day of submission, should take approx. 42 days, however, approval is not guaranteed – so be careful to keep you grand designs realistic and in accordance with the PD Framework.

In addition to the above other conditions apply – information can be found on this Planning Guide for the larger home extensions.

As always, for further information please de not hesitate to contact me.